A coded engram dropped after defeating an enemy in Old Russia.

An engram is an encoded physical object. Engrams can be dropped by defeated enemy species, completing Strikes, Crucible matches or purchased from Master Rahool or Master Ives in the Tower and the Vestian Outpost respectively.[1] Each engram is of a particular weapon or armor type and stored in the Guardian's corresponding inventory slot until decoded. When decoded, engrams become a particular weapon or armor piece, scaling with the player's level at the time it is decoded. Engrams can sometimes decoded into a different type of item, such as a Strange Coin or Artifact.

Engrams come in five tiers of rarity:

Engram Color Possible rarities of contents
Encoded/Matter White Basic
Coded/Encrypted Green Uncommon or rare
Decoherent/Encrypted Blue Rare or legendary
Legendary Purple Legendary or exotic
Exotic Yellow Exotic

Encoded Engrams can be decoded immediately by players in the field.[2] Coded Engrams must be decoded by Master Rahool or Master Ives until the Guardian reaches Reputation 1 and level 15, at which point coded engrams will be decoded immediately in the field. Encrypted and rarer engrams must always be decoded by Master Rahool or Master Ives.

Engrams can sometimes contain an item of different rarity. Coded engrams may contain an uncommon or rare item. Encrypted engrams may contain a rare item, or a legendary item.[3] Legendary engrams may contain a legendary item, or an exotic item.[3] Exotic engrams contain an exotic item for a random player class.

Any Encrypted, Legendary, or Exotic Engrams that the Guardian fails to pick up in the field will be sent to Kadi 55-30, where the Guardian can pick them up after returning to the Tower.​

Other EngramsEdit

Engram Color Cryptarch Rep
Deceptive Green +300[citation needed]
Sublime Purple +150
Legacy Gold +300

Deceptive EngramsEdit

This Engram's green color appears to be painted on. Who knows what it actually contains?
― In-game description

A deceptive engram was given to all Veteran Destiny players as part of the Veteran's Tour quest. Despite its green appearance, it always decrypts into a primary weapon of exotic rarity.

Sublime EngramsEdit

Sublime engrams are purple and contain PlayStation exclusive items of Legendary rarity. They only appear in the PlayStation versions of Destiny.

Legacy EngramsEdit

Legacy engrams are gold exotic tier engrams that can be purchased from Xûr. They can be decoded into Year 1 exotic gear, usually an item that the player has yet to obtain.

Iron EngramsEdit

Iron engrams are a unique engram that will be sold by Lord Saladin in the Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion. They can be decoded into Year 1 Iron Banner Armor.


Engram IconsEdit


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