Luke Smith

Luke Smith, sometimes known as "lukems" or "TJ Scoot," is a long-time Bungie employee who has held a variety of positions since joining the company, and was the design lead for Raids in Destiny, the game director of The Taken King, and is currently the game director for Destiny 2. Smith has been with Bungie since May 2007.[1]

Smith's first role with Bungie was as a Community Manager, joining from 1UP where he was a News Editor known for his engaging and humorous podcasts.[2] Because of his past success and frequent posts, articles, and podcasts, Smith quickly became a well-known public face at Bungie.

Following the launch of Halo 3 and Bungie's 2008 hiring of Eric Osborne, Smith moved from his community management role into a design role for Halo: Reach, managing Reach's player investment systems.[3] For Destiny, Smith holds the Design Lead role for Raids.[4][5]


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