Destiny Assault Rifle 2

Basic appearance of a pulse rifle.

Pulse rifles are a class of primary weapons in Destiny characterized by burst-fire mechanisms and medium-range effectiveness.

Pulse rifles typically fire in three-round bursts. Häkke pulse rifles fire in four-round bursts, but the four rounds together do roughly the same amount of damage as a three-round burst.[1]


  • High-Impact: High-impact pulse rifles have a Rate of Fire value of 59 and an Impact value of 30. Examples include The Messenger and Spare Change.25. The Häkke pulse rifle in this archetype is Lyudmila-D.
  • Medium-High-Impact: Medium-high-impact pulse rifles have a Rate of Fire value of 66 and an Impact value of 14. Examples include Red Death, Smite of Merain, and SUROS PDX-41. The Häkke pulse rifles in this archetype are Apple of Discord and Herja-D.
  • Medium-Low-Impact: Medium-low-impact pulse rifles have a Rate of Fire value of 73 and an Impact value of 7. Examples include Bad Juju, Hawksaw, and SUROS PDX-45.
  • Low-Impact: Low-impact pulse rifles have a Rate of Fire value of 77 and an Impact value of 4. Examples include Grasp of Malok and Oversoul Edict.


The following table illustrates the performance of each pulse rifle archetype in the Crucible:[2][3]

Archetype Damage Per Hit Time-to-Kill (seconds)
Crit Body Crit Body
High-Impact 33 22 1.14 1.34
Medium-High-Impact 30 20 1.00 1.50
Medium-Low-Impact 25 17 0.92 1.42
Low-Impact 24 16 0.93 1.60
High-Impact (Häkke) 26 18 0.73 1.33
Medium-High-Impact (Häkke) 21 14 1.14 2.01


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