Saint-14 was an Exo Titan.[1] He wore the Helm of Saint-14 and Saint-14's Ring.

Biography Edit

During the early years of the City when the Wall was still being constructed, Saint-14 would be remembered for launching a "crusade" on the Fallen surrounding the City. The details of this campaign are still shrouded in legend.[2]

At some point, he killed the last known Kell of the House of Devils, Solkis, after which he left for Mercury in pursuit of Osiris.[3]

Philosophy Edit

On the Warlock bond "Blood Maturity", he is quoted as saying "I have found that rarest treasure: a pragmatic Warlock."[4] On Saint-14's Ring, a paean is written, saying "Was there ever another Guardian so beloved by the people?".

His is one of several theories on the nature of the Collapse. He believed that it and the Darkness were a tangible force of immense power.[5]


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