Shaders in Destiny Alpha

A Hunter applies a blue shader (seen as an equipped icon on the middle-right) to his armor.

Shaders are items that change the color scheme and pattern of a Guardian's armor.[1][2] Certain items may be entirely recolored when a shader is equipped, while others may only be partially recolored or may not be affected by shaders at all.[2] Only one shader can be equipped at a time.[2] A Guardian must be level 20 in order to equip a shader.

Shaders can be obtained as a reward for completing missions, Crucible matches, raids, mailed to the Guardian upon reaching a new reputation level with a faction, or purchased from vendors such as Eva Levante.[2][1] Certain unique shaders can be obtained certain ways, such as from limited time events like The Queen's Wrath and Iron Banner.

For a list of shaders in Destiny, see its category page.


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