Update 2.1.0 introduced the Sparrow Racing League and rebalanced the Titan subclasses. It was released on December 8, 2015.[1]





An in-depth overview of Titan changes


  • Titan Melee: Extended Titan Melee range (+12.5%)
  • Sunstrike: Decreased DOT Time (6.5s -> 5.5s)
  • Hammer of Sol: Reduced Damage Resistance during Super (-9.09%)
  • Hammer of Sol: Slowed Hammer travel speed by (-1.32%)
  • Hammer of Sol: Reduced the ability to create never ending chain of explosions
  • Forgemaster: Reduced Splash damage detonation radius multiplier) (-20%)
  • Flameseeker: Turned down Hammer tracking bonus (-25%)
  • Flameseeker: Removed +1 Recovery, and +1 Agility stat bonuses
  • Fleetfire: Addeded +1 Agility stat
  • Firekeeper: Added +1 Recovery stat
  • Cauterize: Added cooldown (0s->3s)
  • Catapult Lift: Faster Initial velocity (+5%)


  • Titan Melee: Extended Titan Melee range (+12.5%)
  • Storm Fist: Increased base damage (+18.2%)
  • Overload: Now also provides faster melee recharge (+50%)
  • Discharge: Additional Damage (+7.69%)
  • Discharge: Changed AOE to spherical shape
  • Amplify: Increased Super energy bonus (+30%)
  • Headstrong: Now also provides Faster Sprint
  • Transfusion: Improved cooldown (5s->2s)
  • Unstoppable: Now provides +2 Armor (+1 additional)
  • Unstoppable: Increased damage resistance (+25%)
  • Juggernaut: Improved Shield health (+14.3%)
  • Juggernaut: Now works when airborne
  • Catapult Lift: Faster Initial velocity (+5%)


  • Titan Melee: Extended Titan Melee range (+12.5%)
  • Ward of Dawn: Recharged Grenade and Melee Abilities on Super cast
  • Catapult Lift: Faster Initial velocity (+5%)


An in-depth overview of Weapon changes

Auto RiflesEdit

Pulse RiflesEdit

  • Reduced base damage
  • Reduced damage falloff to start between Auto Rifle and Hand Cannon ranges
    • A low range Pulse Rifle will have shorter damage falloff than an average Hand Cannon
    • A high range Pulse Rifle will have farther damage falloff than an average Hand Cannon
  • Increased base damage against AI combatants by roughly 5%

Hand CannonsEdit

  • Increased ADS Accuracy for more reliable shooting at close to medium range


  • Reduced damage falloff to start at melee lunge ranges
    • Low range falloff starts at standard melee lunge
    • High range falloff starts at Blink Strike lunge
  • Final damage falloff extends 0.5 meters longer for a smoother drop
  • Slower ready/put away time for all shotguns
  • Additional recoil on weapon fire for all Stability values
  • Slower reload speed for all Reload stat values
  • Slower time to Aim Down Sights speed for all shotguns
  • Slower movement speed when shotgun is held. Walk and Aim Down Sights movement is affected. Sprint is unaffected
  • Add 2 frames delay when firing out of sprint
  • Increased base damage against AI combatants by roughly 5%
  • Fixed Kneepad perk on Hakke shotguns

Fusion RiflesEdit

  • Increased Charge Speed on fast charging Fusion Rifles. Reduce burst damage to compensate
  • Fusion rifles behave more predictably based on player state
    • Reduced Hip Fire Stability for all fusions
    • Increased ADS and Crouched Stability for all fusions
  • Reduction in carried inventory for all fusion rifles
    • 10% increase to PvE damage bonus to offset

Sniper RiflesEdit

  • Extended Sniper Rifle damage falloff so damage only reduces on very long range shots
  • Luck in the Chamber on Omolon Sniper Rifles now only buffs precision damage




The First CurseEdit

  • The First Curse perk now refills the magazine when activated, provides better Stability, better Target Acquisition, and damage falloff starts further out while the perk remains active
  • +25 to First Curse base range
  • Fixed a bug where The First Curse perk would deactivate if the player summoned their Ghost
  • Boost to Imprecation base range and Magazine Size


  • Reduced base Range by 20
  • Lucky bullets from Luck in the Chamber and Holding Aces now deal 1.2x bonus damage (was 1.3x bonus damage)

The ChaperoneEdit

  • Reduced base damage. Increase precision damage scalar.

Dragon's BreathEdit

  • Remove Pyromancer and Tripod perks
    • Replaced with Surplus and Who's Next
  • Add intrinsic perk Napalm: Rocket fires on a remote detonation trigger
    • Hold to trigger to fire, release trigger to detonate
    • Detonation drops a Solar Damage napalm canister
  • Reduced projectile speed to help timing of the trigger release. Reduce detonation radius of initial rocket. Reduce mag size to 1, increase Inventory

Fabian StrategyEdit

  • Front Lines perk on Fabian Strategy no longer buffs Rate of Fire as a bonus modifier
  • Front Lines now increases the base Rate of Fire stat to highest speed
  • Damage per bullet is offset to match the High RoF archetype
  • Remove Extended Mag perk and replaced with Flared Magwell
  • Remove Small Bore perk and replaced with Rifled Barrel
  • Increased base Reload and base Stability on the weapon to help offset the benefits the removed stat upgrade were providing

Black SpindleEdit

  • Removed scope upgrades from Black Spindle talent grid (Spindle only has one scope) and replaced with Barrel upgrades

Super Good AdviceEdit

  • Reduced chance that SGA returns ammo on missed shot by 20%
  • Added a chance for SGA to pull inventory ammo into magazine on landed shot

Sleeper SimulantEdit

  • Maximum inventory ammo buffed (from 7 -> 9)
  • Ammo swap exploit removed (weapon no longer converts one ammo from a different heavy weapon to a full inventory)
  • Inventory no longer benefits from Fusion Rifle armor perks, but does benefit from Heavy Ammo armor perks





  • No longer turns off tracking for rocket launchers that have tracking

ATS/8 TarantellaEdit

  • Arc Damage Reduction applies to vehicles

Achlyophage SymbioteEdit

Nothing ManaclesEdit

  • Slightly turned down the tracking on the scatter grenade

No Backup PlansEdit

  • Shotgun activating force barrier only works for defender titans

Skull of Dire AhamkaraEdit


Hive ShipEdit






  • Zone Control scoreboard now sorts players based on "Advantage Kills" (kills when their team holds 2+ zones)
  • Inferno Rumble now has the correct tooltip information
  • Mercy Rule no longer applies to the Rumble playlist
  • Rumble playlist must now be entered as a solo player
  • Classic rumble will continue to allow Fireteams up to 3


  • "Returning Victor" weekly bounty has been removed from rotation
  • Fixed some issues where some bounties were not accurately reflecting the playlist/game type they must be completed in



  • Heavy Ammo spawn locations have been moved away from the center of the map
  • Fixed an issue with a small hole in the environment

Black ShieldEdit

  • Adjusted Alpha Team's Rift spawn location to make it slightly easier for Bravo to score


  • Fixed an issue where the teleporter would break for a player until they respawned


  • Fixed some issues where players were able to get out of environment


  • Fixed some issues where players were spawning in bad locations
  • Fixed some issues where players were able to get out of environment
  • Adjusted spawn locations for Rift game mode


  • Fixed some issues where players were spawning in view of an enemy

The Burning ShrineEdit

  • Fixed some issues where players were able to get out of environment
  • Fixed some issues where players were spawning in view of an enemy


  • Fixed an issue where some players able to perch in an unfair position on an interior wall
  • Fixed some issues where players were able to get out of environment


  • Dead Orbit, FWC, New Monarchy, and Eris now accept certain planetary materials in exchange for their respective faction reputation
  • Petra now accepts Etheric Light in exchange for her respective reputation
  • Year 1 Dead Orbit, FWC, and New Monarchy ships may now be obtained from their respective faction reward packages
  • Frontier Ghost Shell can now be infused


  • Discarding an Exotic Shard now takes longer button press time to prevent mistaken discards


  • Fixed an issue where all sound was too loud across the game


  • Fixed a rare crash on Xbox One during sign on


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